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He Needed His Medicine

4th grader, ‘Taylor’, went without his medication for 10 days because of his family’s financial struggles. His school nurse contacted us and shared that, not


‘Ella’ is Free of Pain!

We handle each request for help on a case-by-case basis. We especially consider assistance for services to alleviate pain and that was certainly the case


Mail From an 11th Grade Student

We know 11th grade students have so much to do and it means the world to us that this student took time to share these


Light Their Way

What an incredible evening informing educators about NCFPSC and all the ways we can help public school children. We especially want to thank our hosts,


We Are Here to Help During Covid-19

Since COVID-19, a single mom lost her job and was unable to pay rent. She and her 4th grader are staying in a long-term motel.


Essentials Tools

A school nurse reported that ‘Michael’ lost his glasses. Going without them “is affecting his everyday academics and emotional state. He becomes very frustrated because


Student Almost Had To Quit Band, But …

James was heartbroken when he thought he would have to quit band due to the inability to purchase an instrument. After moving around from school-to-school


Thank You For My Clothes

Some people dread Monday mornings, but not us! Receiving mail like this motivates us to work harder to help more school children in need. This