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Disaster Relief

For Public School, Children & Teachers

When it comes to natural disaster relief, not many think about how schools are affected. Schools are destroyed and leave many students without the tools they need to continue receiving a quality education.

Teachers and educators see entire classrooms destroyed, filled with materials and resources accumulated over years — often purchased with their own money. 

Our Disaster Relief Funds do not cover furniture, appliances, and building materials. Funds are to be used to replace clothing, basic necessities, and school supplies so that the student or educator will have what they need to be in school

By contributing to our Disaster Relief Fund, you will be part of rebuilding what they have lost. The North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children will respond to the needs of students, teachers and schools so they may more quickly recover.

Your gift is a direct way to give to children and schools in areas impacted by the hurricane and flooding.

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NC Foundation for Public School Children
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