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Children's Fund

New to the foundation?
First time submitting a request for help?

Here is all you need to know:

The Children’s Fund is a resource for public school employees seeking assistance on behalf of public school students for items and services that directly relate to a student’s academic experience and when no other resource is available. Please see the list of items and services included in the guidelines below. Our goal is to help the student receive what is needed as quickly as possible. 

Medicaid, insurance, social services eligible, PTAs, school budgets, local civic groups such as the Lions Club, local foundations, Prevent Blindness for vision needs, community services, and school waivers. 

Exceptions: We will consider eyeglasses for Medicaid-eligible students when the situation is urgent and on a case-by-case basis. (Example: student breaks or loses eyeglasses two weeks before EOG testing.)

Students enrolled in a North Carolina public school in grades Pre-K through 12.

ONLY North Carolina public school personnel (teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, etc.). Requests should be on behalf of students within personnel’s school.

No. We work through the public school system only. If a parent or guardian contacts us, we will direct them to their child’s school personnel.

Eyeglasses, school supplies, clothing/shoes, some medications, critical dental services, hearing devices, some individual field trip fees, etc. For specific answers, please refer below

* FOOD: Requests considered on an individual basis. If the need for food is general and the community offers food pantries or other hunger help, those resources should be used.

Children’s Fund Guidelines

Please note:

* DENTAL: We assist in emergency situations to alleviate pain caused by dental issues. Requests are considered on an individual basis and in consideration of our Children’s Fund budget. We do NOT pay for routine dental exams, braces, veneers, other cosmetic dentistry, or measures to repair or save “baby” teeth.

* STUDENT FEES: At this time, we do not pay for standard and required school fees (ie., technology, library, graduation).

* FIELD TRIPS: Field trips are considered for individual students only on a case-by-case basis. We are unable to pay for entire classes or grade levels. We do not pay for expenses that have not been approved PRIOR to the trip taking place, transportation fees (gas, driver, bus) when the field trip will take place even if respective student will not participate. We trust the school will partner with us to give each student the same opportunity.

HOTELS: Only in urgent situations when displacement happens due to house fires, natural disasters, etc. Limitations apply.

We do not pay for rent, therefore, we do not pay for extended hotel stays and when families live in hotels.

Mortgage, rent, hotel housing, utilities and other household expenses.

Summer camps, maintenance and routine medical/dental services, school property damage fees, childcare, non-school activities such as dance, karate, etc. We do not pay for household items such as furniture, mattresses, groceries, utilities.  

We do our best to respond within 24 hours (business days).

What is covered

(Please note exceptions.)

Financial assistance may be provided for a North Carolina Pre-K through 12 public school student for the following once during a school year. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, therefore, there are times when exceptions are made.

  • Eyeglasses –  We will ask the provider to work with us as a non-profit to offer the best cost-saving products available. We do not pay for non-medically required enhancements and we do not pay for two pair per student when there is a discount on the second pair unless total cost is under $100. We do not pay for eyeglasses when Medicaid will pay for them upon need. (Exceptions: when Medicaid-covered eyeglasses will be slow to process in times of end-of=grade and exam testing.) Walmart Vision Centers offer low-cost eyeglass options for children. Please help us by asking parents to choose low-cost providers. America’s Best, Target, and MyEyeDr are other low-cost options. Lens Crafters is on the more expensive end. *Please view our Children’s Fund Partners for more cost effective options in your area.
  • Medicaid-Eligible Exceptions: We will consider eyeglasses for Medicaid-eligible students when the situation is urgent and on a case-by-case basis. (Example: student breaks or loses eyeglasses two weeks before EOG testing.)
  • Eye Exams – We now pay for eye exams WHEN ONE IS REQUIRED.  Students on Medicaid should have a prescription on file if an eye exam was administered less than a year from request date. If the student has a prescription on file that is less than a year old, we will pay for a new exam only if it is documented medically necessary.
  • Dental Expenses – Assistance may be provided  in emergency situations to alleviate pain caused by dental issues. Requests are considered on an individual basis and in consideration of our Children’s Fund budget once we receive an itemized cost summary from the provider.  Assistance typically covers extractions and anesthesia but funds are not available for routine dental exams, braces,, veneers, cosmetic, and measures to repair or save “baby” teeth.
  • Medical Equipment –  Only when it impacts their school attendance and performance – but not when the public school system is required to provide for the need. Please call or email if you have questions.
  • Medical Expenses – Physicals, EC assessments, other situations that directly impact school attendance and performance.
  • Prescriptions (30-day supply) – We will pay for one 30-day supply per student per academic year while waiting for Medicaid or other resources. We are unable to pay for ongoing prescriptions.
  • Educational fees – We do NOT fund student and school fees that are required for all students in your school and when a fees waiver is available to families who cannot pay. We do not pay for fees that can be funded by PTA, PTO, other resources, or another budget within your school or school system.
  • Learning devices – Hearing aids and visual aids are approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • School supplies.
  • Musical Instruments for Band classes.
  • Food – ONLY when no other organization or food pantry is available.
  • Other – If a student has a need that is not listed yet it is impacting school attendance and/or performance, please let us know. We will consider other needs on an individual basis and in consideration to our Children’s Fund budget.


  • * Field Trip Fees – Educational Field Trip Applications are considered on an individual, student-by-student basis. NCFPSC does not fund field trips for large groups or entire classes. To submit an application please complete a Field Trip Request Form.  
  • *Graduation Fees, Caps and Gowns:  Many graduation supply vendors will donate caps and gowns to students who cannot afford them if you make a request to the vendor. If you submit to us a request for caps and gowns, please email us a copy of your request to the vendor and the vendor’s response. We will pay for caps and gowns if your school administrator confirms no other resources are available and the student will NOT be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. We are unable to pay for graduation invitations.

Application Process

* Please review the guidelines above prior to submitting an application. Due to the workload of our small staff, we will not respond to requests made for items/services stated outside of our guidelines.

* You must receive our approval in writing before services are rendered or expenses incurred. NCFPSC will not pay for services or expenses that have not received prior approval. NCFPSC will not reimburse for receipts dated or expenses paid for prior to the request submission.

Direct Payment to Vendor

  • A request must be submitted electronically via the Foundation website. 
  • Upon approval of the request, an email from the Foundation will be sent to the applicant that states the Foundation has approved the request at a stated dollar amount that serves as a commitment to pay. A letter for the provider/vendor will be attached to this email that explains who we are, payment options and foundation contact information.
  • We prefer that public school personnel send the Provider/Vendor Letter. However, it may be sent through the student’s parent or guardian. NCFPSC does not make a practice of communicating with parents/guardian. The letter clearly instructs the provider/vendor to contact us if they have questions.
  • NCFPSC staff will make initial contact with a provider if you request it. We work to make the process for parents and children as seamless as possible.
  • CREDIT CARD payments (quickest payment method) to vendor or medical provider is offered if accepted.
  • CHECK PAYMENTS – After services are provided, the applicant/provider will submit invoices or receipts via email to cindy.arriagada@ncfpsc.org.
  • Provider must submit an invoice to the Foundation within 30 days of Foundation’s approval to pay. Payment from NCFPSC will be mailed to the provider/vendor with 7 days of receipt. If an invoice is NOT submitted to the Foundation within 30 days of request approval, the request will be voided and the Foundation will not be liable for payment.

Reimbursement Payment

  • Requests that include purchasing retail items (clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc.) are reimbursed by the Foundation to the school or a public school employee. We do not reimburse parents/guardians.
  • The applicant will be notified via email of the maximum allowance. We do not reimburse for expenses that are not pre-approved. We will not reimburse expenses from receipts dated prior to our approval date.
  • Applicant should submit the original or copies of itemized receipts within 30 days, then reimbursement will be mailed.
  • If receipts are not received within 30 days, the application will be voided.
  • The applicant may not submit additional requests until all receipts are returned from previous requests.

Children's Fund Partners