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For Public School, Children & Teachers


Thank You For My Clothes

Some people dread Monday mornings, but not us! Receiving mail like this motivates us to work harder to help more school children in need. This


Back Our Students Drive Sponsors

Thank you for providing essential academic tools for public school children! Over 250 students received backpacks, allowing each of them to walk into their new


Hearing Aids for 10th Grader

*Trevor was struggling to hear but was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Thankfully the school’s social worker was there to advocate for him. The social


Food And Toiletry Pantry

An East Forsyth High School teacher noticed several students coming to school without food to eat. Some of these students do not qualify for reduced


Bullied Because of his Clothing

As one of 6 children in a single parent home, *Jack, was unable to purchase new clothes. Being in 7th grade, Jack quickly outgrew his


Dual Language Learning at It’s Best

“Working in this project was very helpful for me and my co-worker because we were able to overcome the main issues in our class that


Teeth Extraction to Eliminate Pain

*Sandra was just five years old when she was in excruciating pain! After evaluation her family was told that Sandra’s teeth were very much the


Building Functional Robots

“This project gave my students “directed” hands-on time. While the concept of students enjoying hands-on work is something that educators hear about, too often, when