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Dual Language Learning at It’s Best

“Working in this project was very helpful for me and my co-worker because we were able to overcome the main issues in our class that


Teeth Extraction to Eliminate Pain

*Sandra was just five years old when she was in excruciating pain! After evaluation her family was told that Sandra’s teeth were very much the


Building Functional Robots

“This project gave my students “directed” hands-on time. While the concept of students enjoying hands-on work is something that educators hear about, too often, when


Empowered Parents

Student Support Specialist, Shirley Townsend of Robeson County, implemented a Parent Involvement Center at her school. This quickly became a space in the school for


Bilingual Books For Better Readers

“Every parent who has received the books is so appreciative to have their home language and culture validated in this way.” – ESL Teacher, Rowan-Salisbury County


“I Don’t Miss School Anymore!”

Eight year old, *Kayla, had been sent home from school three times within the first 8 weeks of school due to wheezing and breathing difficulty.


Warm Clothing For The Winter

Two sisters were in desperate need of warm clothing for the winter months. After the sudden passing of their mother, finances for winter clothing and