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For Public School, Children & Teachers


“Thank You For My New Glasses”

We receive more applications for eye exams and/or eyeglasses than any other service. Many Children’s Fund requests state that teachers have to take a picture


Rowan Country’s Bilingual Library

Children who consistently read at home with an adult perform better in school than those who do not. Many school children have parents who do


Person Country Grant Project

Letter from a Person County Public Schools Administrator Hi Ms. Hamm, I wanted to extend congratulations to Mrs. Anne Nelson!  She recently completed the Bridges


Spotlight: Glenn Pierce

Glenn Pierce founded Pierce Group Benefits in 2001, providing hundreds of North Carolina clients with comprehensive benefits packages for their workforce using his decades of


Spotlight: The Honorable Bev Perdue

The Honorable Bev Perdue served as the 73rd Governor of North Carolina from 2009 to 2013, and previously served on the North Carolina House of


Honoree Spotlight: Chris Paul

Houston Rockets Point Guard Chris Paul is an accomplished athlete whose accolades include two Olympic Gold Medals and being named to nine NBA All-Star teams.


Spotlight: The Honorable Robert F. Orr

The Honorable Robert F. Orr has served the North Carolina community as an attorney for decades, and was an Associate Justice on the North Carolina


Spotlight: Bishop J. Jasper Wilkins, II

Bishop J. Jasper Wilkins II is the Senior Pastor of Wake Chapel Church Central is a leader of the community, both within the Church’s walls