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Another Inspiring Grants Story

Anson County is a low-economic community with a large population of struggling students. High school dropout rate is high and few of these students go to college or become career-ready.

Teachers know that when parents are engaged in their children’s education, students are more likely to succeed. However, many of the students’ parents also struggled in school and did not have a positive learning experience.

Through a Parent Involvement Grant from this Foundation, Anson High School created “Parent University.” The purpose of the “university” is to support and empower parents through bi-weekly meetings to help increase their children’s educational success. The school partners with community leaders, financial institutions, the police department, and community colleges to lead focus workshops. Parents learn how to communicate more effectively with school staff and administrators. They also receive teaching and guidance on a variety of topics such as personal finance, college and career preparation, financial aid, anger management, gang awareness, and dealing with difficult people. At the end of the series, parents receive a Certificate of Completion!

An Adult Literacy Program was created as a branch of Parent University. Almost 20 adults are enrolled and 4 parents enrolled their children WITH them!

The lead teacher writes: “NCFPSC was the salvation of the AHS Parent Outreach Program for the 2014 – 2015 school year. The funds provided made a tremendous difference in the number and variety of outreach activities available for parents. The provision of meals, incentives, and materials provided by the grant funds greatly enhanced the program. Meals during the sessions provided gainful opportunities for parent and child to learn together, increased family relationship bonds, and enhanced community relations between families and school staff. Incentives increased parents and student involvement while building self-awareness, self-concept, and commitment to achieving important goals and objectives. During each of these outreach activities, parents and students were guided in creating positive communications with one another.”

We celebrate with Anson County!

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