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Literacy Project Funded By One Of Our Grants

Each year, the North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children offers a limited number of grants for projects that strengthen students and teachers. Projects must focus on one of three areas: student literacy improvement, parent involvement, and professional development for teachers. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting some of the projects that were funded during 2014-2015.

An elementary teacher from Western North Carolina emailed to share a story from her literacy project funded by one of our grants. The school ranks low in reading test scores, many of their students are from families that struggle financially and are unable to provide books at home for their children. While summer reading camps are offered at the school, these same families lack transportation. An NCFPSC grant funded new reading books for a summer home book delivery program.

The teacher writes:

“Yesterday at one of the home book deliveries, a little first grader ran out to the car jumping up and down about getting new books to read for the week. She wouldn’t leave until she gave each of us our fare share of hugs and thank you’s for bringing her new books. This is just one of the many joys that your generous grant has provided for our school and our community!”

Because of our generous supporters, NCFPSC is making a difference in the lives of North Carolina’s public school children!

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