These Students Had No Reading Books at Home

The books being read by the students in this photo were purchased with a Literacy Project Grant from NCFPSC. A school in Western North Carolina has a large population of families living in poverty who cannot afford to purchase books for their children. The school provided a Summer Reading Program to children from these families to ensure they would not get behind in reading over the summer break … Your donations at work!


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One of our Newest Teacher Cadet Classes!

We are excited to present to you one of our brand new Teacher Cadet classes from Forest Hills High School in Union County! The class is taught by Mrs. Jennifer Whitley, the 2015 NC Region 6 Teacher of the Year. You are looking at some of North Carolina’s future public school teachers! 

Forest Hills Cadets 2015



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Professional Development Grant Makes a Difference

North Canton Elementary is in the small mountain mill town of Canton, North Carolina. The community is predominately low-income. The school cannot afford to have the Scholastic Reading Counts, a program to help students with reading. Instead, they have to come up with original, low-cost ideas to enhance their students’ literacy skills.

Several classroom teachers in the school recently secured money for iPads to use with students. With the help of a Professional Development Grant from NCFPSC, the new Media Specialist was able to attend a technology conference that taught her about new apps and free programs available on iPads that enhance student literacy in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. She brought these new resources and tools back to her school to share with the classroom teachers. These new ideas have made up for the lack of the Scholastic Reading program and 375 students are benefitting and growing from the technology conference.

We applaud the teamwork and creativity at North Canton Elementary as they strive to make sure their students succeed!

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Another Inspiring Grant Story …

Anson County is a low-economic community with a large population of struggling students. High school dropout rate is high and few of these students go to college or become career-ready.

Teachers know that when parents are engaged in their children’s education, students are more likely to succeed. However, many of the students’ parents also struggled in school and did not have a positive learning experience.

Through a Parent Involvement Grant from this Foundation, Anson High School created “Parent University.” The purpose of the “university” is to support and empower parents through bi-weekly meetings to help increase their children’s educational success. The school partners with community leaders, financial institutions, the police department, and community colleges to lead focus workshops. Parents learn how to communicate more effectively with school staff and administrators. They also receive teaching and guidance on a variety of topics such as personal finance, college and career preparation, financial aid, anger management, gang awareness, and dealing with difficult people. At the end of the series, parents receive a Certificate of Completion!

An Adult Literacy Program was created as a branch of Parent University. Almost 20 adults are enrolled and 4 parents enrolled their children WITH them!

The lead teacher writes: “NCFPSC was the salvation of the AHS Parent Outreach Program for the 2014 – 2015 school year. The funds provided made a tremendous difference in the number and variety of outreach activities available for parents. The provision of meals, incentives, and materials provided by the grant funds greatly enhanced the program. Meals during the sessions provided gainful opportunities for parent and child to learn together, increased family relationship bonds, and enhanced community relations between families and school staff. Incentives increased parents and student involvement while building self-awareness, self-concept, and commitment to achieving important goals and objectives. During each of these outreach activities, parents and students were guided in creating positive communications with one another.”

We celebrate with Anson County!


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NCFPSC Grant News

Each year, the North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children offers a limited number of grants for projects that strengthen students and teachers. Projects must focus on one of three areas: student literacy improvement, parent involvement, and professional development for teachers. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting some of the projects that were funded during 2014-2015. 

An elementary teacher from Western North Carolina emailed to share a story from her literacy project funded by one of our grants. The school ranks low in reading test scores, many of their students are from families that struggle financially and are unable to provide books at home for their children. While summer reading camps are offered at the school, these same families lack transportation. An NCFPSC grant funded new reading books for a summer home book delivery program.

The teacher writes, “Yesterday at one of the home book deliveries, a little first grader ran out to the car jumping up and down about getting new books to read for the week. She wouldn’t leave until she gave each of us our fare share of hugs and thank you’s for bringing her new books. This is just one of the many joys that your generous grant has provided for our school and our community!”

Because of our generous supporters, NCFPSC is making a difference in the lives of North Carolina’s public school children!



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Board of Directors News

NCFPSC wishes to thank outgoing Board of Directors Chairman, Mr. Leonardo Q. Williams, for his service and leadership. Mr. Williams served a total of six years on the board while also a full-time educator and high school band director in Durham. 

Welcome to our new board members:

Mr. James E. Ford – North Carolina 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year and Programs Director for the Public School Forum of North Carolina, Mr. Ford lives in Charlotte.

Ms. Christine J. Greene – Former member of the North Carolina State Board of Education and former Chair of the American Association of State Counseling Board, Ms. Ms. Greene is a resident of High Point. 

Ms. Paula A. Wolf A political consultant, former lobbyist, and political science professor, Ms. Wolf owns and operates Paulatics. She is a resident of Raleigh. 

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We Salute Our Partners and Sponsors

Our services to North Carolina’s public school children wouldn’t be possible without the corporate underwriting and support of corporations. Because of their generosity toward our cause, we salute all of our corporate partners with our heartfelt thanks. Learn more about them here.

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2015 Champions for Children Gala

Meet the 2015 Champions for Children Honorees and view photos of our Third Annual Champions for Children’s Gala!



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Champions for Children


The Rev. Dr. Nancy Petty was honored as a 2015 Champion for Children at our gala on April 23, 2015. Read Dr. Petty’s story …

In grade school, I had four best friends—Troy, Roy, Thomas, and Paul. The five of us had become close friends while attending kindergarten at the Sandy Plains Baptist Church in Shelby, NC. We were five members of the 1968 kindergarten class taught by Ms. Price. From those first days of kindergarten, the summer months that followed, and through our first grade experience we were inseparable. Not only did we spend time together in school but on most weekends we rotated going to each other’s homes for play dates. 

I’m not sure whose decision it was—the school or our parents—but as we started second grade we found ourselves split up into different classrooms. I like to think that all five of us were devastated by this decision but I can only speak for myself. I was devastated to not be with all my friends. As a result I remember very little about second grade. 

I tell you this story because it was at those weekend play dates that, even as a young child, I became aware that families have different resources. Thomas lived in a big house with lots of cool toys to play with. Paul and Roy’s home looked much like mine—nothing extravagant but there was more than enough to eat, plenty of toys to play with, clothes and shoes that fit, and we were safe. All of the things we needed to be successful learning and growing up were in place. 

But this was not the case at Troy’s house. Troy lived in a different neighborhood where the houses were smaller and less maintained than other neighborhoods close by. I was never sure who was in charge at Troy’s home—there was his grandmother that lived in the house, his mother was sometimes around, but his father was almost always missing from the picture. Troy’s pants were often too short for him, his shirts one size too small, his shoes well-worn, and I’m not sure there was always enough food in his home. Quite often at school he would fall asleep at his desk. 

Much later in my life, I would learn that my family along with Roy, Thomas, and Paul’s family had, at various times, helped out Troy’s family with school expenses. Together, all the families had made sure that Troy had the basics of what he needed at school and that he was never excluded from school outings or events.

I learned from a fairly young age that not everybody has equal resources—or even the basic resources needed to be successful in school. My parents taught me that part of our responsibility as good neighbors and responsible citizens is to make sure that all people, and especially children, have what they need to be safe and successful in life. 

I fully believe that how we care for the children and the poor in our communities and in the world says more about our moral character as a humanity than anything else we do. Children are not just our future.

They are the most precious and treasured gift we are given. And because of this, there is nothing more important than seeing them, really seeing them, and recognizing them as people—as individuals—who have much to teach us about the meaning and value of life.

We still have work to do to make sure every child in our state, our nation, our world has a chance at living into their full potential and we must, together, keep doing the work. It is our duty as citizens and it is our responsibility as good neighbors.

– Nancy Petty is the pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC.

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