In just a few weeks, we’ll be giving away $5,000 in CASH! We’re also giving away $2,500, $1,000 or ten $100 cash prizes! Only $5 will get your name in the drawing. Even better $20 will get your name in the drawing 10 times. Purchase your tickets by credit card here and help North Carolina’s public school children!  Click here to see the details of our 2015 Holiday Giveaway!

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First Ever “Bring Your Parents to School Day!”

Made possible by a NCFPSC Parent Involvement Grant, Forest Hills High School Teacher Cadet and FTA students are hosting the first ever “Bring Your Parents To School Day!” All Forest Hills parents are invited to attend first block classes with their students followed by a reception and “Parents are Partners” forum in the school media center.”

“As a high priority school, we believe that partnering with parents is key to the success of our student population. High schools can seem intimidating to many parents when it comes to curriculum, technology, and teachers.” ~Jennifer Whitley, Teacher Cadet and FTA Instructor.

NCFPSC is committed to improving North Carolina’s public schools! We are proud that Forest Hills FTA and Teacher Cadets are committed to improving their school and community! … Check out their flyer! 


** Forest Hills High School is located in Union County.

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Did you know?

50 backpacks stolen.


Learn more about Teacher Cadet here. 

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Holiday Giveaway 2015

Would you like a chance to win $5,000 in cash – or $2,500, $1,000 or $100 – while supporting North Carolina’s public school children? Click here to see the details of our 2015 Holiday Giveaway!

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Eyeglasses and Clothing … A Couple of Children You’ve Helped

Your gifts and support are changing the lives of North Carolina’s public school children. 

Eduardo does not have insurance. His mother works in the tobacco fields and has three children. His glasses have been repaired multiple times in the last 10 months. They needed to be replaced. On the mother’s very limited income this is very difficult. Eduardo’s vision is 20/400 in his right eye and 20/250 in his left eye so participating in school without glasses is extremely difficult. Because of you, our generous donors, Eduardo has a brand new pair of glasses and a brand new chance to succeed in school. 

Makenzie’s father was sentenced to prison in Georgia so he sent her to her mother here in North Carolina. Makenzie was only able to bring what fits into one suitcase – all summer clothing. When Mackenzie arrived in North Carolina, her mother was ill and working only part time. Now her mom is working 7 days a week and is enrolled in school to try to better her life and the life for her children. She is struggling to catch up. She made a decision to sell their TV, their computer, and cancel cable and internet to try to make ends meet. It’s a start but still not enough to provide the clothing Mackenzie will need as the weather cools. But … because of you, our supporters, NCFPSC is sending money to buy Mackenzie the clothing she will need to go to school through the winter. We are making a difference!

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Teacher Cadet: A Win-Win for North Carolina

NC Teacher Cadet students are more than high school kids taking a teaching course. They positively impact and strengthen their communities and district schools. During the “field experience,” Cadets work in elementary schools to provide valuable support to classroom teachers and so they may experience teaching a real classroom. With the loss of thousands of Teacher Assistants throughout the state, Teacher Cadets are even more valuable.

Here, a Western Guilford High Teacher Cadet works with a small reading group of students. As you can see, it’s a win-win for everyone!


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These Students Had No Reading Books at Home

The books being read by the students in this photo were purchased with a Literacy Project Grant from NCFPSC. A school in Western North Carolina has a large population of families living in poverty who cannot afford to purchase books for their children. The school provided a Summer Reading Program to children from these families to ensure they would not get behind in reading over the summer break … Your donations at work!


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One of our Newest Teacher Cadet Classes!

We are excited to present to you one of our brand new Teacher Cadet classes from Forest Hills High School in Union County! The class is taught by Mrs. Jennifer Whitley, the 2015 NC Region 6 Teacher of the Year. You are looking at some of North Carolina’s future public school teachers! 

Forest Hills Cadets 2015



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Professional Development Grant Makes a Difference

North Canton Elementary is in the small mountain mill town of Canton, North Carolina. The community is predominately low-income. The school cannot afford to have the Scholastic Reading Counts, a program to help students with reading. Instead, they have to come up with original, low-cost ideas to enhance their students’ literacy skills.

Several classroom teachers in the school recently secured money for iPads to use with students. With the help of a Professional Development Grant from NCFPSC, the new Media Specialist was able to attend a technology conference that taught her about new apps and free programs available on iPads that enhance student literacy in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. She brought these new resources and tools back to her school to share with the classroom teachers. These new ideas have made up for the lack of the Scholastic Reading program and 375 students are benefitting and growing from the technology conference.

We applaud the teamwork and creativity at North Canton Elementary as they strive to make sure their students succeed!

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Another Inspiring Grant Story …

Anson County is a low-economic community with a large population of struggling students. High school dropout rate is high and few of these students go to college or become career-ready.

Teachers know that when parents are engaged in their children’s education, students are more likely to succeed. However, many of the students’ parents also struggled in school and did not have a positive learning experience.

Through a Parent Involvement Grant from this Foundation, Anson High School created “Parent University.” The purpose of the “university” is to support and empower parents through bi-weekly meetings to help increase their children’s educational success. The school partners with community leaders, financial institutions, the police department, and community colleges to lead focus workshops. Parents learn how to communicate more effectively with school staff and administrators. They also receive teaching and guidance on a variety of topics such as personal finance, college and career preparation, financial aid, anger management, gang awareness, and dealing with difficult people. At the end of the series, parents receive a Certificate of Completion!

An Adult Literacy Program was created as a branch of Parent University. Almost 20 adults are enrolled and 4 parents enrolled their children WITH them!

The lead teacher writes: “NCFPSC was the salvation of the AHS Parent Outreach Program for the 2014 – 2015 school year. The funds provided made a tremendous difference in the number and variety of outreach activities available for parents. The provision of meals, incentives, and materials provided by the grant funds greatly enhanced the program. Meals during the sessions provided gainful opportunities for parent and child to learn together, increased family relationship bonds, and enhanced community relations between families and school staff. Incentives increased parents and student involvement while building self-awareness, self-concept, and commitment to achieving important goals and objectives. During each of these outreach activities, parents and students were guided in creating positive communications with one another.”

We celebrate with Anson County!


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