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Walking to School in the Rain

girl in the rain

4th grader *Leah has been homeless her whole life. Her mom struggles to make ends meet. Leah has been sleeping on the floor of a relative’s house. She lives too close to school for the bus yet walks just under a mile to get there. Leah constantly misses school when it rains because she doesn’t have a rain jacket or umbrella.

Her school social worker requested our help to buy a rain jacket and umbrella but mentioned how a bicycle would make Leah’s life much easier. The social worker

has been trying to get help through bike programs, as well as homeless resources

and DSS, but has been unsuccessful because of waitlists.

For just a little over $200, the foundation will give this child who has only known hardship a brand new rain jacket, umbrella, rain boots, and … yes, a new bicycle.

We also added a bike helmet and basket for Leah to carry her school supplies.

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