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Jones Middle School Band Makes Music Again

TRENTON, Jones County — One year ago, the Jones County marching band received a substantial gift of new band equipment.

Then Hurricane Florence came and destroyed it all.

Through the tragedy of the storm came a bit of good news. On Thursday, over $16,000 was donated by the N.C. Foundation for Public School Children so students for the Jones County marching band could get new equipment. The money will be used to replace the equipment lost — new items the school system received for the first time in 15 years.

“Our foundation exists to help public schools when no other funding is available,” said Marca Hamm, executive director of the foundation. “Jones County High School and Jones County Middle School both have a very proud and gifted band.”

The storm hit hard and not only destroyed the equipment but also the middle school. After the hurricane, students from the middle school were moved into the high school.

“Hurricane Florence completely flooded and destroyed the middle school … every band instrument was lost,” Hamm said. “And decided that I would create a GoFundMe and send it out through social media and see what would happen…”

Through those efforts, more than $15,000 was raised for the new instruments. On top of that, the foundation donated $1,000 more “so that you can buy whatever else you might need for your marching band,” Hamm said.

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