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Our Mission

The NC Foundation for Public School Children is the education lifeline and safety net that offers hope, dignity, and opportunity so ALL students have a fair chance to learn and enjoy school.


One in four children
in n.c. Lives in poverty

All across North Carolina, children struggle in school because they lack basic needs that are essential to learning and for day-to-day positive school experiences. Many families do not have the means for items and services such as eye exams and eyeglasses, hearing aids, shoes that fit, school supplies, and much more. NCFPSC provides for these needs through the public school system.
No bureaucracy or red tape. Our philosophy is to trust the word of the educator.

Children's Fund

Every day children struggle in school because they lack basic needs. NCFPSC responds quickly.

Nc Teacher Cadet

Homegrown teachers who reflect the diversity of the students they will teach.

Disaster Relief

Flooded schools, devastating loss — but teaching and learning must continue. NCFPSC is here.

Latest News

girl in the rain

Walking to School in the Rain

4th grader *Leah has been homeless her whole life. Her mom struggles to make ends meet. Leah has been sleeping on the floor of a



7th grader, Lainey, has diabetes. She’s had a couple scary moments at school when her blood glucose got too high. Ketone stripes are used to



Rachel (name changed) is a 6th grader in his school who loves band. She plays Saxophone and has done quite well. Because Rachel uses a

Want to help?

Your gift provides for items and services children need to be in school and focus on learning when other resources are not available.  All gifts are tax deductible.

Nc Teacher Cadet

The North Carolina Teacher Cadet Program is an in-state teacher recruitment and leadership program designed to create a pipeline of students to be the next generation of teachers and one that is reflective of the diverse demographic makeup of the students served. Teacher Cadet is a solution for the teacher shortage and the lack of educators who reflect student demographics, both which lead to increased student achievement, graduation, and career preparedness.

The North Carolina Teacher Cadet Program began in 1997 and has proven to be successful in increasing student interest in the teaching profession with the long-term focus on “growing our own” teachers. 

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