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Eyeglasses+Clothing: Children You’ve Helped

Your gifts and support are changing the lives of North Carolina’s public school children.

Eduardo does not have insurance. His mother works in the tobacco fields and has three children. His glasses have been repaired multiple times in the last 10 months. They needed to be replaced. On the mother’s very limited income this is very difficult. Eduardo’s vision is 20/400 in his right eye and 20/250 in his left eye so participating in school without glasses is extremely difficult. Because of you, our generous donors, Eduardo has a brand new pair of glasses and a brand new chance to succeed in school.

Makenzie’s father was sentenced to prison in Georgia so he sent her to her mother here in North Carolina. Makenzie was only able to bring what fits into one suitcase – all summer clothing. When Mackenzie arrived in North Carolina, her mother was ill and working only part time. Now her mom is working 7 days a week and is enrolled in school to try to better her life and the life for her children. She is struggling to catch up. She made a decision to sell their TV, their computer, and cancel cable and internet to try to make ends meet. It’s a start but still not enough to provide the clothing Mackenzie will need as the weather cools. But … because of you, our supporters, NCFPSC is sending money to buy Mackenzie the clothing she will need to go to school through the winter. We are making a difference!

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