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Terry Van Duyn

For Public School, Children & Teachers

2018 Champion for Children

Terry Van Duyn

North Carolina State Senator

Senator Terry Van Duyn serves Buncombe County as their state Senator in the North Carolina General Assembly.  She is dedicated to the values of attracting living wage jobs, advocating for public education, and protecting the environment. 

As the oldest of eight children and the first member of her family to go to college, Terry credits all of her success to the educational opportunities given to her and the strong work ethic modeled by her parents. Senator Van Duyn believes in the American dream and she is the product of that dream. Each and every day she remembers and appreciates where she came from and is committed to ensuring others have access to the same opportunities she was afforded, especially quality public schools.  Moreover, she is steadfast in her resolve to make our public school teachers earn salaries and benefits comparative to colleagues in other states.

Whether it is delivering meals on wheels, reviewing community grants, or being a health navigator, Terry has over 20 years of experience working in North Carolina applying practical common-sense solutions to help ordinary people put food on their table, stay healthy so they can work, and ensuring their children have access to quality education.  Terry’s background in business and experience as a systems-analyst has helped her to see through complex problems and red tape connecting ideas and people to local solutions. As an avid fundraiser for charitable causes, she continues to help non-profits with their programs and services.

Terry is truly a champion in many avenues of her life.  Senator Van Duyn was honored in 2016 with the Equality NC Foundation Legislative Leadership Award.  The award recognizes exemplary pro-equality leadership in the North Carolina General Assembly and Terry was presented the honor for her outstanding commitment to improving the lives of LGBTQ North Carolinians. As the Democratic “Whip” in the senate, Terry has gone out of her way to make sure LGBTQ people have a seat at the table. In addition, in 2016 Lillian’s List presented Senator Duyn with The Courage Award.

Terry and her husband, Ted live in Biltmore Forest, Asheville, and are the proud parents of two children who attended North Carolina public schools.  A graduate of the University of Illinois and a systems analyst by profession, Terry is now retired serving in the North Carolina Senate. She devotes her energies to causes to help make North Carolina a national and international leader.


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