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Communities in School

For Public School, Children & Teachers

2017 Champion for Children

Communities in School

At Communities In Schools of North Carolina, we believe the formula for student success is ABC + P: attendance, behavior, coursework and parent/family engagement. We are in schools to remove barriers and empower students to stay in school and achieve in life. Across the state of North Carolina, we work directly inside more than 300 public schools in 40 districts. During the 2015-16 school year, 98% of our seniors graduated.

We’re all in for kids. We’re addressing the needs of the whole child, and it takes a caring adult to build a relationship and peel back the many layers that makes each child unique. Our trained student support specialists are the caring adults in students’ lives, and they create individualized student support plans focused on improving attendance, behavior, and coursework. We consider what’s happening inside and outside of school walls.

Check & Connect is another way in which student support specialists begin meaningful conversations and form powerful one-on-one relationships. Weekly check-ins allow for students to see a consistent and caring adult, to problem-solve before a situation evolves into something greater, and to stay focused on future goals. 

By allowing our students to set goals and achieve them, Communities In Schools empowers students to see success beyond graduation. Our students graduate and pursue post-secondary education, join the workforce, and serve and protect our nation. 

Nationally, Communities In Schools empowers 1.5 million students to stay in school and on the path to graduation each year. Student support specialists partner with school leadership and mobilize the community to offer students extra resources. Our unique Model works because it’s based on national research, driven by community relationships, and supported by local resources. 

Regardless of a zip code, we believe that all students have the potential to succeed. We are always looking for volunteers and donors to help amplify our mission across North Carolina. Please visit www.cisnc.org to learn more.

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