Shout Out to NC Public School Nurses!

We want to give a shout out to NC public SCHOOL NURSES! Many requests we receive to help students come from school nurses. Today our Executive Director spent a good part of the day working with a school nurse who was desperate to find help to purchase a young student’s medication for a severe case of eczema. The little girl’s mother was recently laid off from work, lost her insurance and is waiting for Medicaid approval. In the meantime, the student’s medication has run out and the mom has no means to purchase more. The school nurse has witnessed the little girl suffering physically and in much pain this week while continuing to attend school. After numerous phone calls with the drug store and others to work out the details, our director and the school nurse were able to secure the medication needed and the little girl will have a better experience in school as she physically improves… It’s what this foundation is about! Thank you to the wonderful school nurses who care enough to go the extra mile and then some!

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