Governor James B. Hunt Grants

NCFPSC awards annually a limited number of Student Learning and Professional Development Grants up to $1,000 each to North Carolina public schools that serve K-12 students. Named in honor of former North Carolina Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., any public school administrator, educator, or guidance counselor is eligible to apply for a grant for his/her school or district. 

Student Learning grants are for projects that enhance or increase student learning. Professional Development grants are to help finance professional development opportunities for educators.

Preference is given to low-wealth school districts as defined by the State Department of Public Instruction and/or located in a Tier 1 county. 

A project evaluation, submitted through the Foundation website, and receipts must be sent to the NCFPSC office as soon as possible after the completion of the project, but no later than June 1 of each year. No future grant applications will be considered unless all information has been received from previous grants. Any grant funds for which a receipt is not supported must be refunded to NCFPSC by June 30. 

Grant Application Deadline: Rolling schedule from August 30 – March 30. 

Please be prepared to share photos and a video from your project to submit with your evaluation. 

* NCFPSC reserves the right to share approved grant projects for public relation and testimonial purposes.

* NCFPSC does not assist with fees related to National Board Certification.

Questions may be directed to Marca Hamm at

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