Children’s Fund

* From June 13 – August 1, 2017, Children’s Fund requests will not be processed. If your situation is urgent, please call 984.222.3625. 

The Children’s Fund enables educators and other school personnel to respond to the most basic needs of under-privileged children in a short amount of time. An electronic application is all that is necessary to facilitate the purchase of clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, school supplies, or any other basic needs for any student, ensuring an equal opportunity to learn.​

NCFPSC serves students who are enrolled in a North Carolina public school and in grades Kindergarten through 12 only.

NCFPSC only accepts requests from individuals employed by a North Carolina public school (teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, etc.). We do not accept requests from parents.

NCFPSC’s Children’s Fund provides student support through financial assistance for eyeglasses, clothing, shoes, medicine, school supplies, and other needs. For more information and guidelines on applying for assistance on behalf of a student download, read and understand the CHILDREN’S FUND ASSISTANCE GUIDELINES prior to submitting this application.

NCFPSC provides assistance for items that directly relate to a student’s academic experience (see list included on the guidelines). Items not covered include: household items such as furniture, mattresses, groceries, and utilities.

Field Trips: NCPFSC considers Field Trip Funding on a case by case situation. If you wish to inquire about possible field trip assistance, please email with details about the trip and explain why assistance is needed.

Please complete the Children’s Fund request form below. 

Make sure you receive approval in writing of your funding request before services are rendered. NCFPSC is not liable for services or items that have not been approved.