More Than an Education: An Equal Chance at Success

  shutterstock_163024439Maria, a 3rd grader, sits in her classroom suffering from a severe case of eczema. Her single mom lost her job a month ago and can no longer afford the medicated cream Maria needs.

Carlos, an active 5th grader, has not been to school in 2 weeks. His dilapidated shoes finally came completely apart, and his parents just don’t have the money to buy him another pair right now.

Joshua squints from the back row, too embarrassed to tell his teacher that he fell at the bus stop last week and broke his only pair of eyeglasses. His Medicaid insurance won’t provide a new pair for another 8 months.

Alexis, now in her last year of high school, dreams of going to college. But she knows it is only a dream: she doesn’t even have the money for the SATs, and without those scores she cannot apply for schools or scholarships.

Do you read this and think these are made-up stories, designed to tug at your heart (and hopefully your wallet)? They’re not – these are real-life children, struggling to get through school the best way they can. Every year, thousands of children suddenly find themselves in a situation of need – with no one to turn to and no hope of change.

The North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children exists to serve these children. Every year the Foundation arranges for eyeglasses, clothing, medicine, supplies, and various other needs as the requests pour in. Please help us help the children: support the NCFPSC through your donations and service. We have various fundraising activities coming up this school year – help by volunteering to get the word out.

Help us also by identifying the need: if you know of a child who could use a helping hand, please make sure someone in the school system contacts the Foundation. We can respond quickly to address the issue and get the student back on the path to success.

No child deserves less than a level playing field. Please help the Foundation make that happen.

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